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About Me


I'm a motion designer with 10+ years of experience. I cut my teeth as a designer in the sports entertainment industry for just about 8 years before transitioning to the tech industry during covid. I'm currently working as the lead motion designer for a gaming company in the casino space.

I love making exciting, fun videos and I'm especially passionate about making client's visions a reality. I consider myself a guru creative problem solver and enjoy collaborating with other departments to fix issues and streamline processes. 


In my personal life, I have a condition called "can't-stop-starting-new-hobbies" and my friends would call it contagious. The past couple years I've been learning Unity and most recently Godot. I have a few demo games on Please feel free to check them out!

I also got into 3D printing and have worked myself up to a mini printer farm. I love printing things and selling them online. When I find the time I try to keep up with my Etsy store.

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