January 11, 2016 ,,

LIME from Sean Carrow on Vimeo.

[Spring 2013]

Director: Sean Carrow

Position: Lead Lighter

Programs: Maya [Mental Ray] and Nuke.

– Stereoscopic
– Thesis film
– 43 Shots
– HDRI Lighting

Two weeks before the production deadline, I was promoted to Lead Lighter and in charge of organizing and managing a team of lighters as well as setting up a 3D pipeline. Early on in production, we decided that using an offshore render farm would be both cost and time effective. To minimize re-renders and errors, I held troubleshoot meetings and managed the renderfarm assembly line, setting up shots on the farm and getting them back to the artist for comping. The budget left very little wiggle room for mistakes. We had to render both right and left eye for 3D so one of my most important responsibilities involved working with the Lead TD in order to optimize shots, generating the lowest possible render times.