January 9, 2016 ,

Detour from Caitlin Geels on Vimeo.

[April 2012 – May 2013]

Position: Lead Lighter

Programs: Maya [Mental Ray] and Nuke.

– Student film
– 49 Shots
– Three hero characters
– Lava dog main source of light in ‘danger’ zone.
– Four main, environment light rigs.

Lava Dog Light Rig
The lava dog was lit using global illumination to create the effect that the mouth was glowing. For additional effect, beauty ‘mouth lights’ were added to emphasize the teeth. The glow throughout his cracks was later composited by painting a mask to isolate the area which was then pipped through a gizmo, glow node in Nuke.
As for the lava’s dog lights influencing the other character, many shots required very specific lights which allowed the director complete control over the orange to red disruption for story direction. Many of the lights were either animated with the character or constrained to the rig depending on what the shot called for.